Have ever dreamed of flying high up in the sky? You can finally turn your dream into a reality with Oh Yeah Malta. The experience is overwhelming!


Parasailing x 1 person  € 50
Parasailing x 2 person  €80
Extra  person flying  €40
Observers Per person €10 

Explore Malta on a free flight of over 150 meters above ground level. In our Malta parasailing tour, you are in the safe hands of a professional instructor.

Explore Malta with us and have a sky ride with our New 36 feet 450 hp  parasailing Boat it  is 1 of the biggest boats in The world , you fly from a platform boat and winched up to  150 meters above ground level while in the safe hands of our professional instructor after a 10 minutes fly you will be winched back to the platform of the boat  . You Get to see breath-taking views of Mellieha bay and St`Paul`s islands and experience some adrenaline of a para-shoot and get a unique experience

Note: The management reserves the right to Cancel the activity at any time due to the force of the wind  Pregnant women will not be allowed to make use of this activity. These precautions are taken for safety reasons . 

For an enjoyable flying experience,  book our Parasailing Tour with your family and friend  . Group discounts and much more , Ultimately, you will be flying under the guidance of a professional pilot with 30 years of experience  and there is nothing to fear during your flight.
It is an experience that you will never forget.

the you tube video shows the parasailing 26

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