Have ever dreamed of flying high up in the sky? You can finally turn your dream into a reality with Oh Yeah Malta. The experience is overwhelming!

Explore Malta from 100 meters above ground level while in the safe hands of our professional instructor. Get to see breath-taking views and experience some adrenaline rush with us!”

Note: The management reserves the right to refuse this service in case of safety reasons. Pregnant women will not be allowed to make use of this activity.

Parasailing x 1 person  €50
Parasailing x 2 person  €75
Parasailing x 3 person  €95
Observers €10

Explore Malta on a free flight of over 100 meters above ground level. In our Malta parasailing tour, you are in the safe hands of a professional instructor.
For an enjoyable flying experience, please book our Parasailing Tour . Ultimately, you will be flying under the guidance of a professional pilot and there is nothing to fear during your flight.
It is an experience that you will never forget.


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